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It’s generally acknowledged that people’s greatest fear is the prospect of having to face an audience and make a speech or presentation. The common problems associated with such an ordeal and the questions it raises are manifold: how do I approach writing a script? What shape should it have? For how long should I speak? How can I control my nervousness? What should I do with my hands? Is my voice good enough? What if I’m asked questions? Should I tell jokes? How will I ensure that my audience pays attention? Is it a good idea to use visual aids? How should I design my slides? How do I handle my flip chart falling over? Etc.

All these fundamental questions, and many more, are addressed comprehensively when Adrian imparts to delegates Presentation Skills, essential elements today in any businessman’s or politician’s tool-box.

Ideally, delegates should seek professional advice and help well ahead of the presentation date and before they’ve approached the difficulties of preparing a script. Thereafter, during an intensive hands-on workshop, delegates are given every assistance to acquire all they need to become a totally credible and successful presenter.