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Adrian Steed gained hands-on experience as a broadcaster in the South African Electronic Media for 40 years.  He worked in Radio for 20 years and in Television for another 20 years.

He uses the wealth of knowledge and experience he gained in those media in the unique training arena of what is called Media Training.

Adrian Steed 29 Jan 2014

People’s needs in this area fall into 3 categories:

1. How do the media work and why should I / we foster relationships with media people in order to work with them?

2. How can I present myself to advantage on radio, television and during live business power point presentations and video conferencing?

3. What do I / we do when communications are necessary during a Crisis?  This category is different, specialized and complicated.  Involved is know-how connected to the holding of Media Briefings in the event of crises and disasters such as deaths and injuries to employees, damage to the environment and possible harm to members of the public and their property.

Adrian conducts all training courses PERSONALLY.  He works hands-on fulfilling delegates’ and company needs in total confidentiality.  Delegates are videoed so that they may see how they benefit from the instruction they have received and to what extent they have improved.

Courses are tailored to meet delegates’ and companies’ particular needs.  There is no one-fits-all template.

Courses are best conducted in a studio environment, rather than the boardroom of a client’s premises.  However, Adrian does travel by arrangement. In fact, he has trained people from 29 different countries.

Adrian is only too aware of how nervous and apprehensive everybody is when dealing with the media or making presentations, so he gets positive results by conducting the workshops empathetically and tailoring them to delegates’ specific needs with personal and intensive coaching.

The courses are comprehensive and informative in every respect.  Some of their aspects are surprising and challenging, but delegates never fail to say how much they have learned in a comparatively short space of time and how much they have enjoyed having themselves built up and made ready for handling any presentation eventuality successfully.

For background outlines of the courses or further information, please phone us directly on +27 (0) 82 566 2305.